Why Artists Should Hire a Web Developer

I decided to upgrade my style this year and get a professional web developer to build a new website for me. As you can see, it's beautiful! There's a lot to be said about having a great, professional website. Here is an overview of my journey as an artist hiring a professional web developer to build my website...


My old website was hosted on an out of date hosting site called 4ormat. It wasn't very mobile friendly and was very disorganized. My portfolio included very old paintings (ugh, embarrassing) and therefore lacked cohesion. My website didn't showcase my business accurately to potential buyers and it definitely didn't look professional enough.

I approached the web developer Charlotte O'Hara and asked her to help me create an updated website that showcased my business and would accelerate my online growth. She took on the challenge and we got to work with a timeframe of two weeks from start to finish! It was a fast timeline, but we faced it heads on.



I learnt so much from having a professional web developer! She knew EVERYTHING! We worked through what my desired outcomes were, my call to actions for visitors, my website analytics and how to create brand cohesion that matched my website and social media. I know it might sound complex, but she helped break it down for me.

She made it very clear what our best plans of action were for creating a successful website and online presence -- everything from building my Instagram page, to showcasing my portfolio, creating this blog and updating my contact page with a professional email address. 

Charlotte O'Hara was there every step of the way, working with my to implement my online business plans and to follow through on my website goals. She made it clear what she needed from me (portfolio photos, About Me information, colour preferences etc) and then I left the rest with her. The process was FUN and way more effective than when I'd created my own website many moons ago.



The results have been great! My new website launched less than a month ago and I have already seen lots of great results. Here are just a few of the outcomes of my new website....

  • It was easy, painless and I learnt a lot! It also sparked a new interest in online business for me. I now have tons of ideas for future online endeavours! It's a huge contrast to how stressed I felt years ago when I decided to create my own website instead of outsourcing it (something that I will NEVER do again)
  • My SEO has gone through the roof! If you type Meg O'Hara into Google I'm now the first website to show up.
  • I've created this blog which allows me to teach others and share my passion for creative business with others
  • My Instagram account is growing (shameless plug: go follow me, duh!)
  • I now have an email newsletter which is totally new.
  • My portfolio is clear, concise and cohesive. It really showcases my style for large scale landscape paintings off to people who come to visit my website.


All in all, this has been a game changing experience and I'm so grateful to Charlotte O'Hara for her guidance and for such a wonderful website! She also wrote a blog post about the process so feel free to read her side of the story here.

To be honest though, this process has really sparked an interest in online businesses for me. My mind is spinning with creative ideas for how to integrate online presence into my business. I can't wait to see what this new passion grows into!

Here I am showing up first on Google! Big thanks to my new website's SEO.

Here I am showing up first on Google! Big thanks to my new website's SEO.