Top Cities I Want to Paint

My absolutely favourite thing in the world to paint are cities. I love being able to capture the chaos of an urban core and transfer it into a serene landscape. The hustle and fast pace of a city can be subdued by taking a step back and painting it onto a canvas.

My first painting of a city that I ever did was of Vancouver. It was a commission that I had while in University and was definitely a push outside of my comfort zone. At the time, I was used to painting mountains and cities and had never had a glimpse of human existence in a painting. Creating a cityscape was a huge stretch for me. Much to my surprise, I loved it! To date, this is still one of my favourite paintings and I am so happy that it set me on a path of painting cities.

Here I am back in 2011 with my first ever city painting!

Here I am back in 2011 with my first ever city painting!

After I finished the above painting, I realized that I have found my area of interest. I focused almost all of my attention on painting landscapes and ended up finding my niche!

As I continue to develop my artistic processes and interests as a painter, I am looking for more and more ways to push further outside of my comfort zone. Through my travels and research, I have come up with a list of the top four cities that I want to paint! These are the cities that I am drawn to for their creating skyline, vastness and chaos. I can't wait to paint them one day!

1. Hong Kong from Victoria Peak


2. Rio de Janeiro


3. Dubai


4. London