My First Landscape Painting (from 2011)

About 6 years ago, I was commissioned to create a painting of Vancouver. The client liked my style, but was very specific that he wanted a painting of the Vancouver landscape at night. At the time, this was going to be a huge challenge! I'd never painted a city before, and had only ever done sketches of landscapes (no large scale paintings).

That being said, I didn't shy away from the challenge -- instead, I decided to face it head on!

I started sketching in parks around Vancouver and looking up the best views of the city using Google images. Pretty quickly, I found the perfect view. I started with a little sketch, and then went straight into my large scale painting.

The final product was a beautiful 5'x3' painting of Vancouver at night from Cypress Mountain. I loved the painting... and so did my client!

I posted a picture of that painting online and ended up getting two more commissions from that. This was the beginning of my passion for landscape paintings.

Over the years, my passion for landscapes has grown. Since that first commission, I have refined my skills while I continue to narrow in on my niche of painting landscapes and cityscapes.

I will be forever grateful of that first painting of Vancouver and how it lead me into the career I have today!