The Life of a Painting Commission

Recently I finished a commission for a client in Calgary and am absolutely in LOVE with the results. My clients are big skiers and wanted a painting of a skiers view looking up on a sunny day at snow covered trees. They specifically wanted purple and yellow to match their house decor.

After our initial meeting where we discussed their ideas for the painting, I came up with a few sketches and studio paintings for them to check out. These are pretty much tiny versions of what the final product will look like. This step allows clients to approve the design and to maintain their involvement in the painting's creation. Once the drafts were approved, it was time to get started on the canvas!

As usual, the client was given a six-eight week timeline for the painting's completion and delivery. On the day of delivery I was SO happy to drop this painting off and see their expressions! They loved it!

There's no greater feeling than creating a painting that people love!

Here are a few photos taken from the life of this painting, from start to finish. See my gallery below to see what it's like in the process of a commission. Check out more photos on my Instagram page.