5 Ways to Keep Art and Life Separate

Art/Life blog post

Being a professional artist means that you are constantly thinking about your paintings and creative business. Just like any entrepreneur, it’s hard to keep your mind focused on anything apart from your business – even once you’ve left work for the day. Being in a creative business is no different and I often find it hard to think about anything apart from my painting, long after I’ve left the studio!

It’s for this reason that I’ve come up with 5 rules to help me keep my painting and personal life separate. These are my guiding rules that keep me focused in and out of the studio….

  1. Have a designated space for creativity: Make sure that you have a studio space or area that you go to only when you’re being creative and focusing on your art. Having a space outside of your home (or that is designated to this one purpose) will help keep the two lives physically apart and makes sure that your mind is focused on that task at hand once you enter your studio.
  2. No phones: Keep your phone as far away from you as possible while you are in your studio. This will keep you from getting distracted from the “outside world” and will even further help you to keep the two lives apart. Resist all distractions to help keep you in the zone
  3. Clean up when you’re done: Before I leave my studio for the day I make sure that all paints are put away, brushes are clean, and easels are put to rest for the night. I find this process meditative and it allows my mind to recognize that the painting is done once my supplies are all put away. This also serves another good purpose because it makes sure I come into a clean studio every morning ready to create!
  4. Set up creative meet-ups: Having an outlet to talk about your creative business is important, don’t keep it bottled up. I schedule times to meet up with other small business owners and creative entrepreneurs so that you allow yourself the time to talk to others about growing your business. This will help you keep those conversations to likeminded people, instead of chatting your friends’ ears off!
  5. Don’t be hard on yourself: You’re passionate about your creative practice, that’s what makes you such a great artist. Don’t beat yourself up if you find it hard to keep your two worlds separate. Be kind to yourself!

These rules help me keep focused and attentive to whatever it is that I’m doing at that moment. I can truly live in the moment and appreciate whatever I am doing when I’m doing it! Give this post a like by pushing the "heart" button below if this resonates with you and your creative practice!